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Today we’re off to Boonsboro, Maryland, to visit a beautiful flower and herb farm! It is called Native Mountain Farm, and you can see more of it by following the farm’s instagram.

bouquet of double peach daffodilsA glorious bouquet of double peach daffodils. Though the classic daffodil is a bright yellow trumpet, there are many forms—like this frilly champagne confection—that look particularly marvelous as a bouquet.

woman carrying bucket of pink veronica bloomsPink veronica (Veronica spicata, Zones 3–8) is a hardy perennial that makes a wonderful cut flower. This picture of it blooming heavily in the summer makes me want to plant a whole mass so I can cut it by the bucketful too.

flower centerpieces in mason jarsThese beautiful centerpieces were put together for a baby shower. I particularly love the soft pastel pink sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, annual).

bee on a pink cosmos flowerA bee stops for a snack on a cosmos bloom (Cosmos bipinnatus, annual). A cut flower garden can easily double as a pollinator garden with the right choices in flowers.

green blueberriesThe delicious anticipation of blueberries to be!

ripe blueberries ready to be pickedAnd just a few weeks later, beautiful berries are ready to be devoured. If these were mine I don’t think they’d make it into the house.

cosmos plugsMore and more we are used to buying annuals as large plants in bloom at the nursery, but small plants—called plugs—can be the best way to grow a lot of cut-flower annuals. These little cosmos plugs will transplant easily and settle in quickly to grow and produce lots of flowers.

a garden cold frame made out of bails of strawFlower farmers have to be resourceful. When flats of baby plants arrive and the weather is still cold, you whip up a quick cold frame out of some bales of straw! I think this is a great idea—a simple and cheap way to give tender plants a little extra warmth before they’re ready to move out into the wider garden.

car filled with plantsOh my, this looks familiar—plants piled on every possible surface in the car!

bucket full of cut flowersCould this tub of flowers get any more beautiful?

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