Flower Garden
The amazing city of Jerusalem. Israel. Virtual video walk in the Flower Garden of Jerusalem – Katamon neighborhood. A beautiful neighborhood with lots of different parks and flowers of all kinds.

Winter, Workday 2PM, 20°C / 68°F

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Coordinates – Start of walk:
31.7696, 35.20937

Route on Google Maps (Green color):

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Route timestamps:
00:00 Ha-Rav Herzog St. / Writers’ Garden
01:11 Chaim Brody St.
04:00 Brody Garden / Ecological Park
06:38 Haviva Reik St.
07:56 HaPalmach St.
11:38 HaGdud Haivri St.
14:43 Eli Cohen St.
16:59 Halamed Hei St.
19:14 Kovshei Katamon St.
21:25 Lindsey Garden
23:11 Kovshei Katamon St.
25:49 Rachel Imenu St.
29:18 Park
31:29 Rachel Imenu St.
32:07 Yeho’ash St.
33:41 Yehoshafat St.
35:36 Rachel Imenu St.
37:42 Emek Refa’im St.
43:06 Uziya St.
45:19 Yehoshafat St.
46:22 Asa St.
47:19 Yehoshu’a Bin Nun St.
49:40 Reish Lakish St.
51:06 El’azar ha-Moda’I St.
52:16 Beit Elisheva Park
53:56 El’azar ha-Moda’I St.
55:11 Hizkiyahu HaMelech St.
01:01:22 Bilu St.
01:03:14 Kheil Nashim St.
01:05:03 HaGadna St.
01:05:52 Mehalkei HaMayim St.
01:06:21 Ha-Khish St.
01:08:24 Shtieblach Katamon, Synagogue
01:13:09 Ha-Khish St.
01:14:03 HaMa’apilim St.
01:14:56 Israel Aharoni St.
01:17:45 Mordekhai Tiomkin St.
01:18:33 HaPalmach St.
01:18:59 Sderot Shai Agnon St.
01:22:39 HaPalmach St.
01:27:58 Mivtsa Kadesh St.
01:29:20 Halamed Hei St.
01:31:16 Rachel Imenu St.
01:31:57 HaPortsim St.
01:33:34 HaPalmach St.
01:35:35 Playground / Park

Relaxing Walk. No action, Video walks for Relaxation. Enjoy!
All videos in 4k,6k,8k and 25/30/50/60 fps
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Camera – Sony a7s3

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