Vegetable Garden
Subtitles in Spanish etc by 3rd Aoril, sorry I made a mistake ordering them.
This is Somerset in the UK. Climate zone 8 with winters mostly above freezing, damp air and little sunshine.

The garden is three beds with no sides, and no dig. This gives easy maintenance, few slugs and few weeds. I have time to care for the 10-12 different vegetables, also herbs and flowers.

In 2019 we harvested 179kg/364lb vegetables from this garden, in 2020 112kg/248lb, (different vegetables).
See the previous Small Garden video filmed in winter

The fleece I use is not the horrible, default thin grade (17gsm) which disintegrates within a month or two. Look for thicker fleece at least 25gsm, maybe 30, or 1oz/yard approx. As here In this video are both 25gsm and 30gsm, some of it four years old. See my video too, about fleece and mesh

My April blog has details of spring gardening,

Discover the cropping plans and harvest tables of two successive years 2018-2019, in module 6 of my first online course

My latest book No Dig Gardening, from Weeds to Vegetables Easily and Quickly also has these details
In North America my books are sold by Chelsea Green Publishing.

Filmed 27th March 2021 by Edward Dowding my younger son, and edited by him.
Prelude filmed 20th March by Briony Plant, before we planted.
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