Flower Garden
Munnar Flower Garden is additionally known by the name Rose Garden.
It is a greenhouse that exists in the quiet excellence of Munnar slope station.
The nursery is worked by Kerala Forest Development Center (KFDC), a Govt. of Kerala undertaking institution.
It is spread across a couple of sections of land,
with many uncommon assortments of flowers, desert plants, bushes,
creepers, and herbal plants.
Large tea manors structure the foundation of the nursery and the area is considered as perhaps the most should visit objections in Munnar.
This spot is a paradise for photographers.
The region is clogged with harvests, for example, vanilla and cardamom.
It is likewise the home spot of numerous flavours and natural product trees, for example, Litchi, Strawberry, Rambutan, and Amla. A similarly huge assortment of blossoming plants can be seen here.

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