Indoor Gardening
I’m making a seed starting grow station from wood and cement in this video. The LED lights are attached to the walnut shade and suspended from the arm by wire. This makes it easy to adjust the light up and down depending on the needs of the seeds & seedlings. The stand features a bridle joint and attaches to the base with a tenon. And that cool (or warm) orange metal cover hides a seed starting heat mat resting in the concrete tray. Using metal allows the heat from the mat to transfer to the seed starting trays, providing the much-needed heat for seeds! And that frame around the seed trays is not just for looks. Some seeds need serious heat to germinate (I’m looking at you, pepper plants), so this frame also helps insulate the trays as well. Let’s make seed starting look good!

My wife started a garden a couple of years ago and has been using some T5 shop lights attached to some PVC pipe hidden away in the guest bedroom. It was time to upgrade that seed starting station into something that reflected both of our styles. And we both love having plants in the house, so what better way than to make this seed starting station that is both functional and stylish that can be displayed!

It’s time for you to give seed starting a try! Let me know what you think of the build in the comments. Enjoy!



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