Vegetable Garden
Welcome to the late-June Vegetable Garden tour of my Zone 6, Ohio garden.

I am growing in Zone 6a, mid-western Ohio, and focus on growing things I love to eat (vegetables, fruits & herbs), with flowers thrown in primarily for the pollinators & beneficial insects.
Today I share what is growing, being harvested and some pest & critter challenges happing in late June at 1 of my garden locations. Look for an update on the 2nd garden soon!

00:00 Intro & Thank you!
00:52 Grow Tub Potatoes- early harvest
01:50 North Side Raised Beds
03:04 A Word on Companion Planting
06:27 Rhubarb Harvest Tip
07:34 North & East Side Raised Beds
11:21 Chickens in the Garden
12:16 South End In-ground Rows
14:20 Cucumber Beetles, Bacterial Wilt & my beef with Traps
16:24 South End In-ground Rows continued
20:52 Middle Garden In-ground Beds
23:13 Outside the Garden Fence


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