Indoor Gardening
Hyrdroponics is a mode of gardening that requires no soil. It pumps nutrient rich water through an ongoing cycle that helps nurture plants growth.

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Once the system is set up, it requires very little effort and is almost a self-sustaining gardening system. All that is required is adding in additional nutrient rich water into a bucket once every two weeks or so.

The system in this video includes a timer with the bump that creates a schedule for when the pump will send the water through the system. Otherwise, as long as the plants are getting the right amount of sunlight, it is a self-sustaining system.

The kit of display in this video makes a great homeschool project with kids, or just a great way of growing some veggies or herbs in the home. It works great indoors, but would also work outdoors, as long as the pump can get electricity to it.

The kit on display in this video was bought on, in China, for approximately US$35 (so cheap, right?!).
However, outside of China, I have never seen it as cheap as this. I have found it on Aliexpress for about $70 and Amazon for about $120. Links for those are below (we don’t have affiliate links yet, but we will later):

– Aliexpress:

– Amazon:

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