Gardening Ideas
Arivan interviews Mr. Chellaya at his house where he developed his very own home gardening.

Watch how Mr. Chellaya have used his past experience in developing a cost effective organic garden around his house where space is very limited. His ideas are unique and shares some tips exclusively to all viewers!

Share this to everyone so that it reaches every households as a solution for shortage and source of healthy food.


Script & Director : Arivan
Executive Producer : V.Siva Mugilan
Producer & Manager : V.Siva Anandan
Technician & Art Department : V.Siva Mugunthan
Actor & Assistant : Ghiri Raj
Executive Manager : Vishah Tanka
Art director : Munispriyah
IT : V.Divagar
Make Up Artist : Preyaangka
Wardrobe Stylist : Jayaparathy
Cook : Jayaparathy
Cameraman : Preyaangka & Ghiri Raj
Editor : x
Research : Belina Anne
First Aid : Sri Subramaniam Pillay & Sharmella Devi

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