Indoor Gardening
We are pumping things up over here on YouTube and I thought we could kick off our more consistent posting with a full class! This is a 4 part series that will give you everything you need to know when it comes to indoor gardening. If you have always dreamed of growing a thriving home of plants this video series is for you. Don’t worry if you consider yourself a plant killer we have all been there! Through this course you will learn everything from basic care, propagation, identifying pests and solving problems before they take over your plant.

1. Where to Start With Indoor Gardening:
2. How to Care and Water Your Indoor Plants:
3. How to Identify and Solve Pests & Problems on Indoor Plants:
4. How to Expand & Propagate Indoor Plants:

Now enough chatter — Let’s get growing!


Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers” is arguably Canada’s most popular and trusted gardening expert and weatherman. He is known for his ability to combine practical gardening advice with humour, and loves to share his passion for everything outdoors with the world. Frankie’s garden advice has twice earned him Landscape Ontario’s Garden Communicator of the Year, he has been named Toronto’s Favourite Weather Personality 8 years consecutively (Toronto Sun Reader’s Award) and his Disney inspired Tinker Bell Garden won 3 awards including public choice and best overall garden at Canada Blooms.

Frankie is a four-time best selling author, consultant, garden writer, social media strategist, philanthropist and probably is favourite role, a husband and father of two boys. Frankie’s family runs one of the largest combined greenhouse/garden centre operations in Ontario and he still remains active in the business.

Frankie believes that life should be fun and lives every day by the mantra “if you are green you are growing!”

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