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We’re seeing photos of Deb Fitzgerald’s garden today.

I live close to the buckle of the snowbelt in northeastern Ohio. I’m blessed with a woodland, a wetland, and a pollinator bed, plus sun for perennials, which adds a zone in spots close to the house.

Mass of small pale pink flowersSpring vetchling (Lathyrus vernus, Zones 5–9) is a beautiful little perennial sweet pea. Unlike the more familiar species of Lathyrus this isn’t a vine, but a little perennial for sun or shade with loads of sweet pink (or magneta in some forms) flowers in the spring.

A fern front uncoilingA frond of Christmas fern (Polystichum acrostichoides, Zones 3–8) uncoils to greet the spring.

blue flowers with a yellow-leaved shrubPale blue grape hyacinths (Muscari ‘Valerie Finnis’, Zones 4–8) and a yellow-foliaged spirea (Spirea japonica, Zones 4–8) complement each other perfectly.

Pale blue flowers sticking out of snowMany spring bulbs will take an unexpected late snow without missing a beat, as they are native to areas with volatile spring weather.

woodland garden in springThis wide view of the garden includes beautiful trees and many flowers in soft shades of lavender, purple, and blue.

A spruce branch with many small pink cones on itWe may think of conifers as just being green, but this Oriental spruce (Picea orientalis, Zones 4–7) has a moment with beautiful pink cones. These are the male cones, which produce the pollen to fertilize the female cones, which grow large and woody with seeds.

A yellow iris growing in a mass of lavender phloxWhat a better way to show off this yellow bearded iris (Iris hybrid, bearded group, Zones 3–9) than with a backdrop of creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera, Zones 5–9)? The combination is pretty magical.

A garden with several large rocks scattered through itI love the rocks in this garden, which create a beautiful effect.

A pink dianthus blooming in front of an orange heucheraWow! A dianthus (Dianthus hybrid, Zones 3–8) with silver foliage and magenta flowers looks even more brilliant against the backdrop of a glowing orange heuchera (Heuchera hybrid, Zones 5–8).

Garden view with lawn on the right and dry stream bed to the leftA low wet area is planted with things that love that.

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