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Shop the EG store: Back again to roast a plant reaction video, but this time from 5 Minute Crafts! You guys sent this one to me in droves, and I’m here to deliver…with a little surprise πŸ˜‰

Original Video:

0:00 – Surprise Intro
1:47 – Tree Planting
2:41 – Watermelon Planter
3:37 – Mango Germination
4:14 – Grape Seed Germination
5:29 – Pepper Germination
8:01 – Succulent Propagation
9:20 – Regrowing Beets
10:00 – Hydroponic Lettuce
11:00 – Growing Sprouts
11:43 – Planting Nails
12:44 – Buttering Leaves


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