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Do you know which plants ? can be grown at home? We have a few suggestions for you. In this video from Fabiosa, we’ll show you how to grow mushrooms ? and ginger at home like a professional gardener ?‍?. Why spend money on pepper or dill when you can grow them with our garden hacks?
In this video, you’ll see ? a detailed tutorial demonstrating our DIY garden hacks in action. We’ll also share ideas for plants at home if you don’t know where to start your own garden ?. Don’t forget to give this video a like ? for more awesome home hacks and DIY tricks.

00:00 – How to grow a decorative pumpkin
00:30 – how to grow pepper with the help of banana ?
00:50 – How to easily grow Chinese cabbage ?
01:10 – How to grow carrots with the help of potato starch
01:38 – how to grow microgreens at home
01:52 – how to grow mushrooms ? at home using coffee
03:04 – how to grow dill using a plastic bottle ?

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