Gardening Ideas
I built this sturdy garden arch trellis tunnel using easy to obtain concrete rebar and re-mesh to support vining plants . Cattle panels are often used for arches but for many people like myself aren’t readily available. I’ve been testing this design, found it works well so we decided to share it. I will be posting other videos on how I put it together.
Shark Fin Melon, Fig leaf gourd or Malabar gourd (Cucurbita ficifolia) is a species of squash, grown for its edible seeds, fruit, and greens. This is the first time that I’ve grown it and hopefully the fruit will have enough time to get larger before the cool weather sets in. October 2021.

This is TULLE that Great Fabric SO CHEAP and last all year outside here, here is an aff. link to check out, many colors, I usually get one of the greens, but any color will work great:

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