Flower Garden
The famous “Sirao Flower Garden” located in a mountain barangay Busay, 30-40minutes away from JY, Lahug, Cebu City, a so-called “Mini Amsterdam” is attracting tourists from all over the country and even foreigners.

Celosia is the main flower grown in Sirao Flower Garden. But aside from Celosias, other variety of flowers are grown in the farm already. Flowers like sunflower, chrysanthemum, daisy and aster are among the flowers that are planted there. These flowers provide a perfect edge for picture taking. Sirao Flower Garden is now ready to attract more guests as it continuously improves and renovates the whole place. It now features more “Instagrammable” spots. They surely know how to please both local and foreign tourists.

Being able to see a garden on top of hill is mesmerizing. It is a must to see if you are doing a tour of Cebu City.

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