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From trellises to arbors to pergolas, upcycled, built, amd bought; there’s a vertical structure for any garden need in Holly’s garden.

In today’s video, Holly, an urban organic gardener in Portland, Oregan, takes us on a tour of her garden to show us 11 of her vertical gardening structures and how she uses them.

00:00 Start
00:59 Wooden Arbor Trellis
02:01 DIY Cattle Panel Tunnel Trellis
02: 55 Iron Trellis
03:22 Raised Bed Panel Trellis
03:44 Upcycled Metal Trellis
04:25 Bamboo Tee Trellis
05:35 DIY Raised Bed Netting
06:04 DIY Wooden Lattice Trellis
06:36 DIY In-Ground Cattle Panel Trellis
07:41 Using Pergolas as Trellises
08:47 Cattle Panel Chicken Coop Trellis

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Stay tuned for more videos from Holly. Check out her Instagram to learn even more about her garden,

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