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Today we’re in Wayne, Pennsylvania, visiting Wendy Quereau’s incredible garden.

I’ve been gardening here for 43 years and have been trying recently to reduce maintenance by adding shrubs in place of the labor-intensive perennials. I’m still hooked by the inherent joy of growing and designing but admit that I look forward to the winter break.

Trillium luteumTrillium luteum (Zones 4–8)

Rhododendron schlippenbachia, Helleborus, Myositis sylvatica Rhododendron schlippenbachia (Zones 4–7) coming into bloom in April with Helleborus (Lenten rose, Zones 5–9) and Myositis sylvatica (forget-me-not, Zones 3–8)

Acer griseum, Dicentra spectabilis, Jacob’s ladderAcer griseum (paper bark maple, Zones 4–8) with Dicentra spectabilis (bleeding heart, Zones 2–8) and Jacob’s ladder (Polemonium reptans, Zones 3–8)

Deciduous azaleaDeciduous azalea (Rhododendron hybrid, Zones 5–9)

coral honeysuckle on the garden house wall.Lonicera sempervirens ‘Sulphurea’ (coral honeysuckle, Zones 4–9) on the garden house wall

Deutzia ‘Nikko’ and Clematis integrifoliaDeutzia ‘Nikko’ and Clematis integrifolia (Zones 3–7)

Rhododendron ‘Janet Blair’, Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’, Allium ‘ Purple Sensation’, Hosta ‘June’ Rhododendron ‘Janet Blair’ (Zones 5–8) on left, Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’ (Zones 4–8) on right, along with a color echo of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ (Zones 4–7). Hosta ‘June’ (Zones 3–8) is at the base of the wall.


Interplay of shades, shapes, and textures of purple.Interplay of shades, shapes, and textures of purple

Phlox paniculata with a bee checking it outPhlox paniculata (Zones 4–8) and friend

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