Gardening for Beginners
Hi Gardeners✌️! In this video i’ll give you ideas about DIY Indoor Herbs Gardening for Beginners! You can find many ideas to start your Indoor Garden Ideas especially #HerbsGardening at home 👌💕

00:00 Intro
01:00 Table Top Herb Garden
01:29 Sunken Counter Garden
02:04 DIY Clothespin Herb Planters
02:34 Upside Down Hanging Plants
03:01 DIY Hanging Herb Garden
03:34 Bookshelf Herb Garden
04:06 Repurposed Gutter for Herbs
04:28 DIY Garden by Window Sill
05:07 Teacups by The Window
05:34 DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden
06:05 Herbs in a Pots
06:30 Outro

Hi buddy, PlantDo is here to give all of you knowledge regarding plant ideas. Here, you will find what you have been looking for about plants.

From plants for your home, plants for the living room, plants for the indoor, plants for the yard, plants for the cafe, and many more ideas about plants.

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